Objectives of Project

General objective of Project:

  • conforming to the air quality norms through a successive reduction of low emission of air pollutants,

  • increasing the use of unconventional energy sources.

  • reducing social and economic disparities between Poland and more advanced EU countries,

  • reducing disparities between dynamically developing regions and a poorly developed peripheral area, i.e. the so-called geographical focus area, in the territory of Poland.

Objectives in details:

  • reducing the low emission of CO2,CO,SO2,NOx in the area of the Communes which are The Union of the Wisloka  River Basin Communes members,
  • maintaining the concentration of dust PM10 in the air below the allowed norm of 50ug/m3,
  • supporting a process of increasing the share of energy from renewable sources in the domestic energy balance (objective for Poland:10.9% in 2013,15% in 2020),
  • diversifying energy sources,
  • improving the residents' life quality by making it possible for them to live in a clean and healthy environment,
  • protecting the natural and cultural heritage as a legacy for future generations, in particular, the areas which are especially valuable in respect of their natural values (Nature 2000) and touristic qualities,
  • increasing the residents' ecological awareness and knowledge of ecology.

Additional information

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